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Software Installation

When you purchase a program via the Internet, or a tablet/smartphone “app” (application program), you need payment information such as your credit card. You also need a password to give permission to make changes to the computer/tablet or phone. On an iPad or iPhone, it is the Apple ID password. Windows computers, and other tablets and phones, require a user password as well. Be sure to bring this information to any session that requires software installation.

Time required for installation is charged at the same rate as instruction. I will show you how to install programs or apps and set them up for your needs, and you can always install software outside of sessions.

Speaking Engagements

I make presentations to private, civic, and non-profit organizations. How can I help your organization?

Groups: I am available for business or corporate training, customized to your company’s needs. What can I do to assist yours?


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Cancellation Policy:

  • You may cancel a session by giving me at least 24 hours’ prior notice. In that case, no session fees will be charged. If you miss a session without giving 24 hours’ prior notice, you will be charged at the full rate.
  • I may cancel a session by giving you 24 hours’ prior notice, without charge to you. If you have prepaid, we will reschedule the appointment to a time agreeable to both of us. Otherwise, I will refund you the fee for that session.

Punctuality policy: We trust each other to be on time.

  • If you are late, we will not adjust our finishing time. You lose that time from your session.
  • If I am late, we will make up any lost time by extending the session or by mutual agreement.

Payment policy: Unless we have a longer-term contract, payment is due at the end of each session, in cash or with a credit card.