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Looking for a useful gift for someone special? Check out the amazing technologies now available through my sister website,

  1. The BioZen chip

Protect yourself and loved ones from harmful radiation that comes from cellphones, tablets, and computers. I am offering the BioZen Chip because I want to help you stay safe and healthy. See the brochure here: (link to brochure).

  1. The HELO

Monitor your health metrics as you go through your day, in exercising, commuting, and resting. For a quick introduction, click here.

Current Service Offerings

Investing in a new computer, tablet, or smartphone for yourself or someone special?
Learn how to use it effectively for fun and connecting with loved ones.

  1. Windows 10 or Mac Computer Basics

  2. Private Coaching with Barbara

    A 5-hour package of coaching.
    BONUS! 30-minute consultation about your computer or another device.

  1. Windows 10 and MS Office Power User

  2. Private Coaching with Barbara

    A 10-hour package of coaching.
    NOTE: Includes topics offered in Computer Basics Package.
    BONUS! 60-minute consultation about your computer or another device.

  1. Love Your iPhone! Online course with Barbara

  2. (To begin mid-January 2018)
    See below for details. *

  1. Private Smartphone Coaching with Barbara

  2. Can’t wait until January?
    BONUS! Register for a minimum of 8 hours of coaching at the regular rate,
    and the online course is FREE for you.


I look forward to working with you! – Barbara

* Introducing Barry Basic’s Love Your iPhone! Online Course
Newly revised for iOS 11, iPhones through iPhone 8 Plus
Begins Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Do you really understand your iPhone? Do you want to have fun with it? Do you want to stay in touch with people you love?

This course is for you if:

  • You are uncomfortable with your iPhone of any model (except iPhone X) and you are a Baby Boomer.
  • You have little technical knowledge and very little support to learn about your iPhone.*
  • You want to be comfortable and confident with your iPhone – ASAP!
  • You trust me to help you prepare for the online experience of the course. (If you have your own tech assistant to set you up, that’s okay too. We’ll practice before the course starts.)

What will you learn?

In this course, you will learn to use the most common iPhone features with confidence and ease, especially to connect with other humans – family members, friends, business colleagues, and other people who share your interests.

What’s in it for you?

You will develop comfort and ease in using these iPhone features:

  • Contacts – managing, calling, texting, emailing, and video-calling loved ones – WOW!
  • Security and privacy
  • Getting help as you need it
  • Personalizing your iPhone
  • Taking and sharing photos and videos

What will you get?

  • 6 weeks of 90-minute online interactive training sessions with tech expert Barbara Barry, using Zoom teleconferencing website
  • Video recordings of each skill, provided before each “meeting”
  • Recordings of meetings, in which you can go back to our discussion of your questions – and your group’s questions
  • Email support
  • Written instructions
  • And much more!

Why trust me to make tech fun for you?

As a seasoned technology teacher with thousands of successful students, my approach is to help you learn how to learn technology, so you never have to feel left out or left behind again. As we work together, you will develop a sense of excitement and adventure, conquering skills that you never thought you could master. Join us, and start really enjoying your iPhone!

Register today. 401-749-2594 or email



Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Office

Mac computers

Mobile Technologies

Apple iPhone and iPad

Other smartphones and tablets

Software Installation

When you purchase a program via the Internet, or a tablet/smartphone “app” (application program), you need payment information such as your credit card. You also need a password to give permission to make changes to the computer/tablet or phone. On an iPad or iPhone, it is the Apple ID password. Windows computers, and other tablets and phones, require a user password as well. Be sure to bring this information to any session that requires software installation.

Time required for installation is charged at the same rate as instruction. I will show you how to install programs or apps and set them up for your needs, and you can always install software outside of sessions.

Speaking Engagements

I make presentations to private, civic, and non-profit organizations. How can I help your organization?

Groups: I am available for business or corporate training, customized to your company’s needs. What can I do to assist yours?


Cancellation Policy:

  • You may cancel a session by giving me at least 24 hours’ prior notice. In that case, no session fees will be charged. If you miss a session without giving 24 hours’ prior notice, you will be charged at the full rate.
  • I may cancel a session by giving you 24 hours’ prior notice, without charge to you. If you have prepaid, we will reschedule the appointment to a time agreeable to both of us. Otherwise, I will refund you the fee for that session.

Punctuality policy: We trust each other to be on time.

  • If you are late, we will not adjust our finishing time. You lose that time from your session.
  • If I am late, we will make up any lost time by extending the session or by mutual agreement.

Payment policy: Unless we have a longer-term contract, payment is due at the end of each session, in cash or with a credit card.

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