Embrace tech to connect remotely

Embrace tech to connect remotely

In the middle of March, suddenly our everyday routines have been disrupted by the coronavirus outbreaks across the United States. Once we get through our initial shock and prepare our families for days and weeks of “social distancing,” let’s consider the social impact of isolation and quarantines.

Yes, many people can work remotely, from their computers.

But what about those folks, especially seniors, who don’t know how to video-chat with others? Grandparents and grandkids, elderly neighbors, adult children and their parents, friends and business colleagues – all can benefit from virtual visits, especially if one party is quarantined or in a facility that currently prohibits visiting.

Many technologies can help fill the gap: Apple FaceTime and Zoom are my go-to tools as a mom and a technology trainer. Skype and Google Duo also may be available on computers, tablets, or smartphones that we already own. And there are many others.

The Atlantic magazine shares an abundance of knowledge and advice in this article, so that we can help our distant or isolated loved ones connect with us and feel the comfort of our companionship.

Even in our “distance” from each other, we face this emergency together.

Virtual hugs to everyone.


The Atlantic: Social Distancing Could Change Our Relationship with Facetime.

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