Barry Basic Computer Training

Hello, I'm Barbara Barry.

My 30 years’ experience in the computer field, with Rhode Island Teacher Certification and 15 years as a primary and secondary educator, qualifies me well to teach both children and adults. I know the subject, and I know many ways to help you learn.

As a computer programmer-analyst, I relied heavily on my problem-solving skills. Yet I needed people contact, so I sought a new career. The energy of students is absolutely exhilarating to me. As a technology classroom teacher, I have instructed more than 1,000 children and adults over the years. I am certified to teach high school English – but teaching technology is my passion, especially with people who feel left behind, perhaps like you.

I don’t judge. Technology changes fast, and each person has unique technology experiences and skills. Because I specialize in technical skills, I want to empower you!

I have a playful sense of humor, enhanced by experience with students ranging from kindergarten to adulthood. I am patient and flexible as I engage, challenge, and empower every individual, and I will be that support person for you.

I am also a wife and mother who enjoys…

  • beautiful cars, whether contemporary or classic
  • our gorgeous Rhode Island beaches
  • spending time with – and being present to – my wonderful family and friends
  • making new friends everywhere I go
  • traveling! Across the USA, around Europe, and most recently to Rwanda, in East Africa.

My mission is to liberate you from your fear of computers. I am eager to help you learn to use your computer comfortably and confidently to serve your needs.

What are you waiting for? Give me a call today.