Barry Basic Computer Training

Hello, I'm Barbara Barry,

and I'm making tech fun.


My 30 years’ experience in the computer field, with Rhode Island Teacher Certification and 16 years as a primary and secondary school computer teacher, qualifies me well to teach both children and adults. I know the subject, and I know many ways to help you learn - and learn HOW TO LEARN.

As a computer programmer-analyst for 14 years, I developed strong problem-solving skills. As a technology classroom teacher, I have taught more than 2,000 children and adults how to use computers effectively.

I thank the many school colleagues and technology committee volunteers who have taught me tips, tricks, and problem-solving skills with Windows computers. I want to share their level of expertise with adults who feel left behind, perhaps like YOU.

Whether your device is a Windows or a Mac computer, an iPhone, an iPad, or other smartphone or tablet, I can help you find your way - and learn HOW TO LEARN. My goal is to make you self-sufficient with your technology.

Success story: A teacher who retired about 10 years ago. Initially afraid to put her hand on the mouse, she said recently: “I can figure things out for myself on my computer.”  She is comfortable and confident with technology. You can be, too.

I don’t judge. Technology changes fast, and each person has unique technology experiences, skills, and needs. Because teaching technology is my passion, I want to empower you!

I am patient and flexible as I engage, challenge, and empower every individual, and I will be that support person for you. And we will have fun!

I am also a wife and mother who enjoys…

  • beautiful cars, whether contemporary or classic
  • our gorgeous Rhode Island beaches
  • spending time with – and being present to – my wonderful family and friends
  • making new friends everywhere I go
  • traveling! Across the USA, around Europe, and most recently to Rwanda, in East Africa.

Whether you use computers, tablets, or smartphones, my mission is to make technology FUN for you.

Experience freedom and ease with technology!

What are you waiting for? Give me a call today.